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The Anatomy of Problem-Solving
Professional Workshops/Seminars

This one day interactive professional problem-solving workshop is designed to motivate and unleash the potential within participants through one-on-one interaction, group discussions, and practical hands-on experience. Workshop facilitators will challenge the participants to become innovative-thinkers. Participants will be taught The Anatomy of Problem Solving approach. This innovative approach to solving problems will equip the participants with the techniques and strategies to become advanced problem-solvers. During workshops participants will also be placed in problem teams to get hands-on experience as expert problem-solvers, apply concepts learned, and to build confidence.

“Mr. Hobbs has done an excellent job in conveying to us what the steps are to problem-solving and how we can use these skills in our everyday lives to solve our problems. Mr. Hobbs is a very effective communicator who can communicate both upward as well as downward to convey his message. This valuable information will definitely be utilized in both my personal and professional life.”

                                                                                                                                                          - Monica McClain, Project Manager 
What are Participants Saying...

"All presenters tell us they need several days to fully present their workshops. I believe this is the first training, in my ten years with this organization, that we truly should have taken the full-time for the workshop. That way, we could have worked on one or two of the specific problems with you." ~Workshop Participant

"Training should have been longer" ~ Workshop Participant

"Would love to see you take this information/material the National Workforce System! Great Principles! Can apply to work and life!" 
                                                                                                                                                     ~ Grace Vigil, Pikes Peak Workforce Center

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