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What is the Anatomy of Problem-Solving?

The Anatomy of Problem-Solving is a safe systematic approach to solving simple to complex problems in a team environment. Seminars and workshops offer participants the ability to combine a theoretical lecture with practical problem-solving scenarios to reinforce learning.


  • Continuous improvement - Consistently utilizing this innovative approach to solve problems will enable companies to put real solutions in place to eliminate re-occurring problems.
  • Increase training ROI - Participants will be able to immediately apply this methodical problem-solving approach to reduce the number of ineffective and costly solutions.
  • Reduce the true cost of downtime - Engineers, technicians and maintenance supervisors will be able to identify areas of opportunity to reduce non-scheduled equipment downtime and eliminate costly repairs.
  • Streamline maintenance processes - Maintenance strategies will be optimized to meet equipment performance goals.
  • Root cause elimination - Participants will learn how to develop innovative strategies designed to eliminate re-occurring problems.
  • Communication Strategies- Participants will be encouraged to develop disciplined communication schemes to capture all new-learnings thus ensuring that valuable knowledge is documented thereby eliminating the tribal-knowledge syndrome.
"Years ago, Tim was my student. His ability to put ideas to work is amazing. He took classroom ideas, and immediately found great applications in his workplace. Now, I learn from him!"

                                                                                                              - Leslie Martinich, International Project Manager and Educator