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                                                                                                        ISBN 978-1-4196-4697-3

                                        The Anatomy of Problem-Solving is now Available.

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The Anatomy of Problem-Solving was written to remove the mystery out of problem-solving. In this book, Tim exposes some hard to believe realities of why the manufacturing industries are at risk of losing their competitive edge through their inability to effectively solve problems. The problem-solving strategies within this book, ranging from Problem Recognition to Problem Evaluation, will teach the reader how to identify the root cause of equipment failures and effectively solve those problems. This book addresses problems in a simple methodical manner. This book presents strategies designed to understand technical problems and how to solve them effectively, saving you time and money. Ultimately, it will strengthen the reader’s confidence. Each chapter is concisely written, detailing every phase in this brilliant problem-solving process. The process is illustrated throughout the book by a gas furnace heating problem experienced and solved by the author himself, employing the seven phases. Using this process, no challenge is too big.

Author, keynote motivational speaker, and problem-solver Tim Hobbs shares with readers a process he developed throughout his technical career to deal with the countless hitches that occur with technical equipment and teams. Throughout this book, he offers many recommendations and strategies of how to mitigate issues that often arise during team problem-solving. This book is embedded throughout with practical examples and insightful quotes and humorous True-Stories from the author’s life to illuminate each phase. It is Tim’s goal to prepare the next generation of problem-solvers and to put passion back into problem-solving.

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Gazette (Colorado Springs Business Section) - August 13, 2007
Steps To Teach How to Solve Problems
By: Terry Zarsky (Pikes Peak Librarian)

The Anatomy of Problem-Solving by Tim Hobbs, Hobbs Technical Consulting, 2007.

Problem solving seems to be a skill that is becoming harder to find in employees today. The costs of doing business can be greatly increased if problem solving is not applied correctly when things go wrong in the workplace. Tim Hobbs shares with us the process he has successfully used to problem solve in all aspects of his life. He walks through the steps necessary to make sure that you address and fix the cause of the problem and not just apply a band-aid to the symptom currently causing problems for you and your company. Besides providing a step-by-step process and showing how each works and their benefits he uses true stories to illustrate each step. Seeing how these steps were applied in various environments makes it easier to visualize how we can apply them in our lives.

Much of the book focuses on the high tech arena, but the true stories come from the Navy, various jobs Tim held and his personal life (when the gas heater fails to work properly at home.) Each step is illustrated by using the story of the gas heater to apply all of the steps in sequence and to show the value of taking each step in order to make sure all aspects of the problem are considered before trying to “fix” things only to have them breakdown again at a more inopportune time. The additional true stories in each step help show the various environments where these steps have been successfully applied as well. The seven steps include: Problem recognition, problem observation, problem analysis, develop solution, validate solution, sustain solution and problem evaluation.

The Anatomy of Problem Solving is a quick read and an extremely useful tool in helping to develop problem-solving skills in you. Learning to do this at a higher level will make you a much more valuable employee (and partner.)

Amazon Book Reviews - 5 STAR Reviews

Excellent both at home and for a major manufacturing operation, May 1, 2010 - Leslie Martinich

Hobbs provides a great step-by-step approach to problem-solving, one that you can use when trying to solve an equipment problem at home or trying to get a manufacturing site back on line. His approach is down-to-earth and well rehearsed. One of the best features of this book is a spreadsheet to help you compare various approaches to a given problem. Another important aspect of this book is that it takes the various "people issues" into account, all to often overlooked by others. Excellent work and useful!

Amazon Review: "Problem Solved" Jan 16 2010

This book has helped me tremendously as a homemaker. With having three children there are always "Problems To Solve". I've personally used the steps to solve various problems around our home. I was able to successfully fix our dryer, it needed a new heating coil, which saved us about $400 or more. I also used the principles to setup a secured network and wireless printer for our home.

I'm so excited now I don't have to ask my wonderful husband for help I can do it myself. It's exciting to have a proven process anyone from novice to professional can use. The Anatomy Of Problem Solving has given me more confidence to take care of the things that come up in life unexpectantly.

If you truly use the steps you can and will be confident in your problem solving endeavors.

Excellent Book! I would highly recommend it for personal and professional use.

L. Hobbs

Awesome, it needed to be said – October 17, 2007 – Dave E. Wexler

This book is long over due. As one of the baby boomers, Retired USAF, in the Semiconductor industry for 23 yrs, I have witnessed the LOSS of ability to effectively troubleshoot. The art has vanished. Tim has lived through this period and has given the reader all the tools he or she needs to recapture this art. If you want to be an effective, fast, accurate trouble shooting Guru, READ this book. From banker to engineer to housewife to school children, this book Will help you.

Robert M. Goldsmith "Maintenance Tech" - July 24, 2007. Colorado

I've worked in maintenance in both, Marine Corps Aviation and U.S. Army ground combat systems for more than 15 years. Tim nailed it in this book. It is written from a very practical perspective. Troubleshooting is becoming a lost art and and he constantly refers to the original problem, as well as fault isolation and further troubleshooting steps. I strongly recommend this read because Tim makes problem solving practical, not as complicated as it seems.

Must have Book - The Anatomy of Problem-Solving, June 1, 2007 By pb "Windy Meadows Studio" (Colorado)

Must have Book - The Anatomy of Problem-Solving, June 1, 2007 By pb "Windy Meadows Studio" (Colorado) This is a fantastic book - the real-life examples back up the theory! Well written with obvious passion for the topic. Well done Mr. Hobbs, well done indeed!!!!! I would recommend this book to anyone in any work place.

A fun and engaging distillation of the essentials...., May 28, 2007 By O. Pradhan "resourceful aviator" (Norman, Oklahoma United States)

Hobbs delivers! As an Air Force E3 AWACS pilot with over 1900 hours of total flight time - including 100+ hours of combat over Afghanistan and Iraq, I don't hesitate to give this book 5 stars. Knowing firsthand how essential these skills are to saving the mission and saving lives, the Anatomy of Problem-Solving is a uniquely powerful non-technical resource for anyone seeking to jumpstart their problem-solving potential. -OP