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About Us

Hobbs Technical Consulting was created by Tim Hobbs to provide world-class technical consulting services to a wide variety of industries. Our primary target market includes the following customers: manufacturing companies, maintenance organizations, educational institutions, individual contributors, and homeowners. Our primary services include seminars, workshops, and technical recommendations designed to solve everyday technical and business problems. Hobbs Technical Consulting is a Limited Liability Company.

“Tim’s troubleshooting accomplishments are legendary. The technical experts that built the tools referred to him as the Problem-Solving Genius. His technical knowledge, leadership skills and problem solving methodology are responsible for him achieving results so rapidly.”

- Al Jones, Operations Manager

Tim Hobbs' Biography:

In 1987, Tim Hobbs started his career as a technical problem-solver in the US Navy. During his tenure, he worked on various electronic, electrical, and mechanical systems throughout the Navy. He also worked at a ship repair facility in Pearl Harbor Hawaii which enabled him to solve various problems in a timely manner that had plagued his peers throughout the Navy. He received many awards and medals including multiple Navy Achievement Medals for his keen ability to solve very difficult problems in an innovative and effective manner. At the young age of 19 he was awarded the Junior Sailor of the Year award at his first duty station in Keflavik, Iceland where he discovered his problem-solving talent. Tim served two tours in the Persian Gulf during the Persian Gulf crisis.

In 1996 after over 9 years of faithful service, Tim decided to end his naval career to spend more time with his family and expand his knowledge. Prior to his departure he obtained an Associate’s degree Applied Science from Honolulu Community College. He later decided to pursue a career in the high-tech manufacturing industry as a manufacturing technician. Eager to learn, Tim spent his first year comprehending the complexities of the high-tech manufacturing industry. Immediately he began to solve some of the semiconductor industry's most complicated problems using his innovative problem-solving approach. He quickly became an industry expert.

He later set his eyes back on higher education in which he received a Bachelors in Science in Information Systems and a MBA in Technology Management from the University of Phoenix. He was later promoted to a Senior Equipment Engineer. In this role he led many problem-solving efforts and engineering project teams. He has successfully developed project strategies for new\used equipment installs to support new technology transfers. He has also successfully developed equipment availability strategies for organizations to achieve and sustain desired availability goals.

In response to the persistent request of his colleagues, Tim decided to write The Anatomy of Problem-Solving to enable others to learn and benefit from his experience and success as a innovative problem-solver. He is the president and founder of Hobbs Technical Consulting, LLC. He is an in-demand problem-solver and speaker.

He has an innate passion to help others succeed. He also served as an adjunct professor at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and a member of the Dean of Education's Advisory Board. He has provided services to professional and academic organizations such as:

  • BDPA (Black Data Processing Associates - Charlotte NC)
  • The Air Force Academy's TAP (Transition Assistance Program)
  • Project Lead The Way (D49 Colorado Springs)
  • University of Colorado at Colorado Springs - UCCS
  • Pikes Peak Community College - PPCC
  • African American Youth Leadership Conference - Colorado Springs
  • Pikes Peak Workforce Center - Colorado Springs
He has been married to his wife Lashunder for over 25 years and has three wonderful young adult children. He and his family reside in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO.

Contact Inforamtion:
Hobbs Technical Consulting, LLC

Ph: 719 360-0492